We are Merely NPCs!

        We’re not heroes or gamer pros, we’re just merely NPCs.
Balancing everyday life, from work and families to our favorite books, comics, games and all things nerdy.
Join us on our adventures as we enjoy all of our in game and real life side quests!


HI! I’m Morgan aka EnviousMango. I’m half of our Out of Initiative storytelling discussion podcast and our resident Game Master. If you want to talk TTRPGs, especially building story, mid-session improv or coming up with a super fast one shot, I’m your gal!


I’m a fantasy and sci-fi author for teens and children, as well as co-host of Out of Initiative podcast. I enjoy talking about writing crafts, books that I’m obsessed with, and discussing all things DnD and video game-related. I live on a small farm in the PNW with my family.